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Salary Survey: We Need You!          

We need as many firms as possible to participate in the 2016 Sacramento Valley Association of Legal Administrators Salary Survey!

Just a few of the 2015 prizes! 2016 prizes will be just as awesome
Just a few of the 2015 prizes!
2016 prizes will be just as awesome

Your participation in this process is crucial so that the results of this survey can become one of your most useful tools for recruiting and holding on to valuable employees. This survey is unique to the Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, and nearby areas, which makes it valuable to local law firms and satellite law firms alike!

Susan and I, along with several other local administrators, have used this tool during our review processes and when hiring.  I refer to it throughout the year when conducting reviews or hiring to make sure we are keeping competitive in order to attract top talent.  Plus, I want to be sure my people are happy and confident they are being paid at a fair market rate. I personally don’t like interviewing so the happier people are, the happier I am!

The survey needs participants, though, to make it useful! We have found over several years of doing this survey that the more participants there are, the more useful it becomes.

If that isn’t enough to get you interested there’s this: PRIZES!!

Participants in this year’s survey will be automatically included in a drawing for several PRIZES! There are two separate drawings this year – one on Sept 23rd and one on Oct. 1. You can’t win if you don’t participate so get those surveys in!

We have developed an online system that is easy to complete, highly confidential and your participation is absolutely FREE!! By completing this survey you will help in making this a fantastic tool that you can use to stay current and competitive!

You can access the survey here.  Please contact our SVALA Salary Survey Chairperson, Susan Nielsen, for the user instructions. (Or leave a comment here and we will contact you.)

The cutoff date for entering your data will be on September 30th.

Also: you can still participate if you are in the area but have not yet become a SVALA member. The more, the merrier!  (But we’d love to have you as a member too!)

We hope you will participate. The survey will not be the same without you! (Plus, there are those fabulous prizes.) 🙂

Trish and Susan



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