Regional Conference Recap: Rockin’ and Winning!

There is something special about ALA Regional Conferences. They are more intimate, they are held in fun locations and you can always count on a good time at the First Legal party.

I wasn’t able to attend this year but several SVALA members went and came back raving about the event. Paula Lee is one who not only had a fantastic time but also came back with some great takeaways.

Let’s hear it from Paula directly:

Let's Dance!
Let’s Dance!

ALA Regional Conferences rock! This was my second time attending a regional conference. The first was the regional conference SVALA hosted in Reno. In my humble opinion, regional conferences provide the best opportunity for networking.

I loved that Arizona had the same time zone which allowed for a more restful experience. Four session choices for each session block allowed for a variety of educational learning. Some sessions were more crowded than others but I always felt the sessions were small enough to gain more insight and allow for more audience participation.

We go to share and learn about new ideas. I heard that one of our chapter members and current Past-President, Penny Stauffer, was the star of a session as she explained how her firm creates a DAR (Departing Attorney Report) which is a report that helps identify important data to management to transition attorneys that are retiring. It struck me how Penny stated that she thought it was something that every firm did and she learned that she was actually on the cutting edge.

You share you learn.

A quote that I heard at least three times was “Sitting is the new smoking.” Just a reminder for us to get up from our desks, take breaks and keep moving! And two quotes that I thought were insightful in regards to productivity is “Good is the enemy of great” and “Done is better than perfect.”

Joelle Stone and Jessica Miller networking, learning and having some fun
Joelle Stone and Jessica Miller networking, learning and having some fun

Our Sacramento chapter always seems to draw others into our group whether it’s someone from another chapter walking with us to a vendor event or sharing our spot near the band or pulling in civilians to get the party started. We are lucky to have such a fun and social chapter. As someone that needs to be pulled out of her shell, the conferences are the perfect opportunities to connect.

Thanks SVALA for providing opportunities like this one. I was one of those blessed individuals that won the SVALA scholarship to attend. So grateful! And my lucky streak continued as I entered the raffle where you get 15 vendor signatures when visiting the vendor booths and I won registration fees for the ALA Annual Conference & Expo in Denver next April 2-5. Woohoo!!

Congratulations, Paula! Having served on the Board of Directors with Paula and spent time with her at various events, I am thrilled she won the scholarship and the registration fees prize. Sounds like someone needs a quick trip to Vegas to see if the lucky streak continues! 


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