Member Spotlight

SVALA Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Sabel

I am very excited to bring you our first Member Spotlight. Sure, you’ve read the Board Member Spotlights but, this time, we are interviewing a long-time administrator who is dearly loved in the legal community and who has announced her retirement.

If I didn’t adore her so much I would be consumed with jealousy!

Liz Sabel and Yvonne Moore

Elizabeth Sabel has been a staple of the SVALA for many years and many of us have had the good fortune to enjoy her company at luncheons, at conferences and even on the Board of Directors a time or two.

Liz is busy wrapping up her time at her firm but was generous enough to answer a few questions for us.

Tell us about your current position and firm.

I have worked as the Human Resources Manager at Trainor Fairbrook since October 1, 1998 (almost 19 years)!  Prior to working in this office, I was the Administrator for Thomson (Bob) & Heller (Steve) from 1989 to 1998.

What made you become a legal administrator?

In 1989, Bob Thompson asked me to have lunch with BJ Ward (bless her heart; still love that woman!) so that she could tell me all of the wonderful things that SVALA had to offer for a person coming into this field from outside of legal!

Liz, Yvonne, Paula Lee and Cindy Pilon

I understand you are retiring! Tell us about your decision to retire.

My husband and I have been married since we were 20 years old!  He retired in 2015 and now it’s my turn!  We are planning to live with our three dogs and (find a dog-sitter) so we can do some traveling!


Tell us if you served on the SVALA Board.

I did have the opportunity to serve on the Board for a couple of years (and was responsible for the Salary Survey) during that time.

Please tell us what you gained from being a member of the SVALA and a Board Member.

The connection with other administrators is unmatched and unparalled.  There is such camaraderie and support that in itself is a great reason to belong!

Liz, Yvonne, Mike Young, Julie Denker

Please tell us what you will miss most about the SVALA.

Being able to call administrators from other firms throughout the course of my career for suggestions or brainstorming has been the standout of this organization.

Tell us a little bit about your personal life. What are your post-retirement plans?

My husband and I have three daughters and six grandchildren!  I’m really excited to spend more time with them!

Ken Sokolov and Liz Sabel

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you to each and every member of the SVALA for their generosity of spirit!

I am delighted Liz agreed to an interview about her SVALA experience and hope that administrators new to the field will see just how helpful it is to join a network of people sharing the similar goal of doing the best job they can for their firm.

I know Liz did just that and am sure her firm will miss her terribly. I know many of us fellow administrators will as well!

Note to Liz: Be sure to send pictures of your travels!



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