ALA Conference Recap: Penny Stauffer

We found our snow bunny!

While Karen Wilhelmi was looking forward to a bit of snow at her first-time conference experience and Cindy Snook was absolutely not (but shared a few tips anyway), Ken Sockolov was decidedly neutral on the matter (but enjoyed the session on ethics and some good food and wine).

Enter the snow bunny: Penny was actually excited about the snowy, cold weather in Denver!

Penny shares her conference experience with us:

Joelle, Tammie, Penny (l-r)

I found the conference to be the same in some ways and different in others, but overall good. Some of the sessions that dealt with “Leadership Improvement” were much like the usual thing, so I tried to steer more toward some new material (or at least new to me).

I went to two sessions by the same speaker that dealt with handling difficult employees that offered reminders of the do’s and don’ts of what we should and should not do from an HR perspective and the second session dealt with ADA and ADAAA (ADA Act Amendments) training which was really good and she was a fantastic speaker!

Another session that I found different and interesting was “How to Tell Someone is Lying.” This was fascinating as the speaker works with law enforcement and FBI for a living. She used video clips of interviews to show us ways to detect “deceitfulness; someone who may be withholding information; and flat out not telling the truth.” It was very interesting and interactive…I wish it had been a longer session.

Tammie, Joelle, Penny (l-r)

Of course, I always attend a leadership session even if it’s not particularly updated and the one I attended was at least interactive and the speaker was inviting.  The last session of the last day was probably my favorite. The subject matter wasn’t anything new, but the speaker and the material were very good. This session was how to be engaging and effective during presentations. He gave fantastic tips on winning over distracted audiences and making your power point presentation interesting. So good! And, I must say when a speaker can captivate you in the last session on the last day of a conference…he’s pretty darn good!

Photo by Joelle Stone

I notice a new theme emerging at this conference. There was a lot about diversity with a noticeable emphasis on Transgender issues and inclusion. There were sessions on the subject and a larger general session with a Transgender speaker. The general session was very good and I think eye-opening for everyone. Regardless of independent opinions on this issue, at some point we all will need to become educated on this level of integration.

I personally loved the weather!!

Many thanks to Penny for sharing her enthusiasm for the snow (which, by the way, I completely share!) and her ALA Annual Conference and Expo experience!

While I don’t think there will be snow at the conference next year (is there snow in Maryland in May?) the event should be another good one. Information about future conferences can be found here.

Also, if you want to “attend” the Annual Conference this year, you can do so by signing up for the Virtual Conference Sessions and enjoy a session or two while basking in our summer sun!  



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