Survey Says

Survey Says!

One of my favorite aspects of being an SVALA member (aside from the friendships, great educational programs and fun events) is the ability to email other members to find out how to solve a particular law firm problem.

As legal administrators we are doing the best job possible in making our firms efficient and productive. Each of us brings a variety of skills as well as varying years of experience and we are all facing similar challenges in our firms.

When an SVALA member wants to see how another firm solved a particular problem it is as simple as sending out an email. This may not work with other chapters but we are fortunate in that this is a group filled with members willing to share what has worked for us (and what hasn’t).

This space will share those email questions and a compilation of the answers in our new feature called, of course, “Survey Says!”

Keep those questions going out to the membership and then be sure to check this space for the results.

We have had a few questions lately which are outlined below:

Dress Code (Always a popular topic, especially during the summer.)

Question: How does your firm handle piercings, tattoos and hair color in your dress codes/personal appearance policies and, also, how do you enforce the policies?

Survey Says: Four people responded that their firm has a policy requiring professional appearance but does not specifically prohibit tattoos, etc. A person can be told to cover their tattoos based on the general professional appearance policy.

One responded that their firm’s policy states “visible tattoos and body piercings are generally unacceptable.”

One responded that they believe their firm requires everything to be covered.


Question: Would you let me know if you use a particular app or other software product to transfer client related text messages from an iPhone or droid to a PC (in order to save them into iManage)?  We find ourselves communicating more and more with clients via text message and really want to be able to save them in iManage as part of the client communication record for our files. Thank you.

Survey Says: Interestingly enough, the one firm I heard back from recommended the product I found online as a tool.  There is a $25 program called iMazing for getting text msgs, voicemails, voice memos, etc. off of iPhones. It lets you export them to text files or PDF (if you want to capture pictures too) and then you could easily import that file into eDocs, iManage, etc. For Android devices there are free APPs that can be downloaded on the phone to get text messages (SMS) off a phone.

July 4 Holiday.

Question: I was wondering what everyone is planning on doing with the 4th of July holiday (it’s on a Tuesday) this year. Is anyone closing Monday, the 3rd too?

Survey Says: Of the responders: Five firms will be closed both the 3rd and the 4th; four will close early on the 3rd and be closed the 4th and two will just be closed on 4th.

Thanks to everyone who sent out a survey and to those who responded!