Chapter Leadership Institute: Paula Lee

It’s conference season!  Wait, maybe that’s all year long . . .

Let’s start with the Chapter Leadership Institute (aka, “CLI”).  Paula Lee, Operations Manager for the Sacramento office of Klinedinst PC, attended this year and shares her thoughts on the experience:

This year’s Chapter Leadership Institute was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. H – E – Double Hockey Sticks . . . you betcha it was fun!

The theme was about elevating the legal management profession.  CLI provides an overview of ALA’s structure, demographics, member benefits and resources available to chapter leaders.

The opening session was about empowering Chapters to understand and create relevance with the next generation (the Millennial).  Presenter Dan Negroni stated, “Successful chapters understand what their members need to thrive.  Organizations that support the legal community will succeed if they understand what the next generation leaders want, need and expect from their professional relationships and careers. Today, there are 2.4 billion Millennials, representing 36% of the workforce.  They control $660 billion in spending and will make up 75% of your membership in 2025. They grew up differently, view the world differently and are changing the way we do things – think Blockbuster/Netflix, Taxis/Uber and Hotel/Airbnb.”

This session did a great job of helping us understand that a mind shift is necessary in making our firms relevant to the new generation of employees and clients.

The general session wrapped up with a discussion on the role of the Regional Leadership Teams and how they can help our chapter succeed.  ALA consists of six regions, each of which are led by a Regional Leadership Team composed of an At-Large Director, Regional Director, and two to four Regional Representatives. The primary objective of these teams is to serve as resources to ALA chapter leaders within their region.

Did you know that there is an ALA Volunteer Handbook online (66 pages) with chapter specific information?  Check it out on ALA’s webpage, under Membership/Chapter Leader Resources/ALA’s Volunteer Handbook.  The Volunteer Handbook has information on chapter insurance, how to give CLM credit for an educational program, and has our business partner guidelines.

Ever wonder what topics are prohibited to discuss?  See page 15 of the antitrust guidelines for a comprehensive list.  A short list on prohibited topics includes billing rates, interest rates, billing procedures, compensation, and refusing to do business with a vendor.

The conference was a great reminder that we are part of a larger community.  Volunteering to support our SVALA chapter as a board member is about having support within our Sacramento community as well as having support from a larger outside legal community.  SVALA does a good job of keeping it real in regards to the commitment one gives.  Fellow board members always step forward to lend a helping hand so don’t hesitate to volunteer.  It’s doable and you will definitely find any support you need in volunteering as a chapter leader.

Many thanks to Paula for sharing what she learned at one of the most beneficial conferences of the year.  Please contact any member of the SVALA Board of Directors at the next luncheon (or just send us an email) to let us know if you are interested in serving on the board.  We would love to have you!



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