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Community Connection Event:  Mark Your Calendars!

Participating in the Community Connection Event (formerly known as the Community Challenge Weekend) has been a longstanding tradition for our chapter.

At the Ronald McDonald House

The ALA explains what the Community Connection Event is all about:  “The mission of Community Connection is to encourage ALA chapters, its members, firms, business partners, relatives and friends to come together to contribute time, energy and resources toward improving their own communities.”

The SVALA members have done that over the years in a big way!  Whether it was raising money for WEAVE, helping the Sacramento Children’s Home, revitalizing the landscaping at the Ronald McDonald House or fixing and building dog pens for a local shelter, the membership has come together to donate muscle, time and money to improve our community.

Helping WEAVE

Each year, the Community Connection Chairperson picks an organization for the SVALA to help and there is usually a personal connection to the event.  The last few years we have volunteered to help register walkers at the Walk for Alzheimer’s event in Sacramento which had personal meaning to many of us.

This year is no different!

Penny Stauffer is the Office Administrator of Stoel Rives LLP and the SVALA Community Connection Chair and she has selected The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) PurpleStride walk/run for our Community Connection Event.  Penny created a walk team to participate in the annual 5K family-friendly event to be held November 11, 2017.

Walk for Alzheimer’s

Penny tells us a little bit about her personal connection to PanCAN:  “I have become aware of this organization due to a family connection.  In April of 2016 a very close “family” friend came to me with the devastating news that her beloved mother (Flora) had shockingly been diagnosed with advance stage pancreatic cancer.  Going through all of this with the family made us all aware of PanCAN.  Last November was our first PurpleStride walk and it was so inspiring to see and hear all the stories and meet other people dealing with this devastating disease. It was also a very nice, causal and fun walk.”

Fixing dog shelters

Penny also gives us some shocking information about pancreatic cancer:  “PanCAN, established in 1999, is a United States based charity that raises funds to fight one of the world’s toughest cancers.  Pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cause of cancer with a five year survival rate of 6 percent.  PanCAN’s urgent mission is to save lives and attack pancreatic cancer on all fronts from ongoing research, clinical initiatives, patient services and advocates for increased federal research funding for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.  This network has created a fundraising walk-a-thon called PurpleStride [Wage Hope].  PanCAN representatives across the country organize these walks which are among the largest source of fundraising for the organization.”

Members can participate in a few ways:

Flora walking with family and friends at the 2016 event

Walk with the SVALA team.  Penny has created a walking team called “SVALA Strides for Flora” for the 5K PurpleStride walk/run on November 11, 2017.  The event will be held at William Land Park.  Registration starts at 8:30 and the walk begins at 10:30.  Participation in the team is easy, just click here and it will take you straight to the team page.  There is a $25 registration fee.

Donate to the SVALA team.  Ask your Firms to make a donation to this very important organization to help fight this devastating disease.  Credit card donations can be made through our team link.  Donations can also be made by check.  Follow this link to print the form and mail in a check.  Make sure you write in our team name where noted on the form so our team will be credited the donation dollars.

Also, please be sure to drop Penny an email to let her know if you have sent a check so she can track when it has been added to our team donation amount.

Volunteer at the event.  Please let Penny know if you are interested in volunteering for the event and she will put you to work!

Penny has set a conservative goal of $3,000.00 for the team but let’s see if we can blow past that!   As Penny says, “The more donations our team receives, the more PanCAN can do to fight Pancreatic Cancer!”

Help us make the Community Connection Event memorable this year and let’s all work to help Penny fight pancreatic cancer for Flora!






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